Spread this link around…This video is NOT anti-cop.. it’s pro-peace officer!

If you do not understand what this video is about please check out Nazi Checkpoint confronted part 5

The border patrol plays a vital part in this nations security AS long as they are ON THE ACTUAL BORDER. That is why they are called BORDER PATROL not INLAND PATROL. Unconstitutional Checkpoints violate Americans 4th amendment rights.


I will NOT stop asking them the same questions they ask us.

These Inland Patrol agents that are 50 miles from the actual border….they need someone to love.

They also need to read the bill of rights and stop violating the American peoples 4th Amendment right. These checkpoints are unconstitutional.

4409 — NEO-CON festival

Posted: February 10, 2010 in NAZI Checkpoint

We infiltrate a little Neocon festival at the Toby Keiths “I love this bar and grill” and pass out hundreds of DVD’s with Obama deception and Freedom to fascism.

5 year old Katie is not too happy that congress is not listening to the people and putting her into massive debt!

Something tells me she is gearing up for a Revolution!

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